Monday, May 5, 2008

Thursday's Class: Soldering for Virgins!

Whether you're a virgin, or you just "haven't been around the block enough", this amazing class taught by Sally Jean Alexander was cleverly named and just as fun. My first class of Art & Soul 2008 was centered around proper copper foil wrapping techniques for flat, dimensional and rounded objects. We also learned Sally's signature soldering techniques, then attempted them on our own. Many curse words were inadvertently blurted out, as (Sally Jean attested to herself) soldering is frustrating! But the results are so pretty, it's an art form you just cannot resist.

Sally appeased us all at the end of class by bringing out a bunch of her first soldering pieces. But...frustrations and all, I had a blast and I have embraced what I made, boo-boos and all. Thanks Sally!

I'll be posting a little about each class all week, so be sure and check back for more projects and babble about one of my favorite art retreats.

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  1. I think this was my favorite of your show-and-tell goodies. Hmmm...does that mean I need to start some jewelry classes? Nooooo, not another obsession! *insert Munch's The Scream face here*



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