Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Art & Soul Friday Evening Class: Tassels & Fringe

The second day of Art & Soul, I had an evening class called "Objects and Elements in Tassels and Fringe" taught by the amazingly talented Susan Lenart Kazmer. She is really a jewelry "architect," creating pieces with cold-connection joins that have layers and layers of interest and working, moving parts and components.

For this class, we created a brass ring using metal punches, wire, jump rings, head pins and scraps of fibers and ribbons. The finished piece can be worn as a funky ring, or hung on a necklace as a pendant. I always learn so much in her classes and will definitely use these skills in future jewelry work. And I think I see some new tools in my immediate future!

I had such a great time is Susan's class. She is such a gentle soul with a pure heart. It is an honor to know her. I can't wait until the next class...

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