Monday, April 21, 2008

A Tale to be Told

One day, a woman sent me a sweet e-mail telling me she had visited my website and enjoyed my work. Randa had seen my Talisman Bracelet and wondered if I could create one as a wearable memento in honor of her late husband. In 2006, her husband and best friend Michael Zoladz, had passed away from a brain tumor that had been discovered only 4 months earlier.

Needless to say, I was honored to commission a piece especially for her. She wrote me a long letter, telling of the days before the discovery up until the very end. A sad but triumphant story, as her husband had touched many lives before his illness. A father and vocational school teacher, "Mr. Z" continued to teach family, friends and an entire community about life, love and honor throughout his final days.

Knowing all I could about Randa, I was able to put great care into the creation of this bracelet. I learned a tremendous amount about this woman and her amazing relationship with her husband. Every charm on this bracelet signifies something special to them. I even found out that Zoladz means "acorn" in Polish, so I had to make her this pendant in honor of her heritage. I am blessed to have met her and honored to have made this bracelet for her.


  1. wow! what a beautiful and touching commission! Love how you created the acorn too. perfect.

  2. So beautiful! Isn't is amazingly rewarding to do these special, personalized projects? I love getting "to know" people and their stories as they reveal them for commissioned work.
    Your bracelets are truly priceless!



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