Sunday, April 27, 2008

Aprons and Flash Cards and Jewelry, Oh My!

Ahhh, the first rummage sale of the season proved to be rather fruitful. Not quite the selection of the same sale last year. But I managed to land two retro, full-length aprons in kitschy fabric prints, a box of grade school flash cards, and a broken faux pearl necklace that I can repurpose into tons of other projects...all for a mere $2.00.

In "Good News, Bad News" news...wait, let me cry a little...Waaahhhhh...our washing machine broke. Yes, just as I was doing my laundry before my big trip to Art & Soul this week. Right in the middle of the first load. I ended up wringing out all my clothes (which are air dry only!), hanging them in the shower, and putting the big summer fan on them to speed the drying process. But hey, I got these lovely aprons clean before it conked out!

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  1. Two bucks? Awesome!! I am a cheapskate, so good deals like that thrill me enormously.


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