Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring is Finally Here...Hooray!

What a gorgeous day here on the Jersey Shore. Warm and sunny with crystal clear blue skies. Kinda makes you want to play hooky. It also makes you stand a little taller, have a little extra bounce in your step and creativity gets a kick start and begins to blossom again. With all the beautiful flowers and trees coming alive, it's pretty hard not to be inspired.

It's also the time of rummage sales, flea markets and art shows...hooray! Although I hardly have any room left in my house for newly acquired "trash", it never prevents me from visiting my favorite sources for deals on antiques, ephemera, and junk. I'm a gal on a mission! In fact, at lunchtime on Friday, I'm going to hit my first church rummage sale of the season. I hope you all are enjoying your own spring traditions.

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