Monday, September 8, 2008

Something Totally Spontaneous?

While walking the boardwalk in Asbury yesterday—taking photos, lunching and shopping—I ran across this acrylic painting at Posh Den. I was absolutely struck by the amazingly bright colors, simple shapes and asymmetrical balance of the piece. I simply had to have it. It would be a major purchase, being an oversized 4' by 3'... so I couldn't buy it right away. I definitely had to think it over, overnight.

Okay, so I did it! I stopped by the shop after work today and made it mine. I was enthusiastically greeted by multi-tasking owner Jamie Goldhagen and thoughtfully entertained while I awaited making my purchase. She informed me that the painting was done by a neighbor of hers in Bali... Nyoman Budiana. You go girl... keep up the amazing work!

It's now hanging in my living room, across from where I sit on the couch. I LOVE IT!

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