Monday, August 4, 2008

Sad News...

Hello all... I have some very sad news to report. Four weeks ago—6 days after our 2nd Wedding Anniversary—my husband Joseph walked out on me. With 9 years total together, always talking things out, and being each other's best friends... it really came as a total shock. His initial contact came an entire week after he left and in the minimal conversations we have had, he has not given me an acceptable answer as to why. But he does not want to talk and says that he does not want to reconcile. It seems like when the going got tough... he just got going.

I must say that this has crushed me to the core of my being and not knowing why makes it even more difficult. Over the last month it was all I could do to post daily on my blog, but it kind of kept me going and made me be extra creative with my entries! This situation not only affects my life but my creativity as well. However, I am trying to keep breathing and moving and doing and eventually the momentum will pick up. The choice has been made for me and I am trying to accept it and move on.

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