Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Am I So Afraid?

I used to be afraid of the clown game at the boardwalk stands growing up... you know, the one where you have to squirt water into the clown's mouth, until a balloon on top of his head popped. For the longest time I thought I was afraid of clowns. Turns out it was the sound of the balloon popping... because it always surprised me.

I guess once we are able to define our fears, it opens up new opportunities.


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  2. I was afraid of the balloon popping too . . . until I realized that the more the balloons popped from my brothers competing to "win" the more prizes ended up in my lap . . . it's all in the perspective you choose for yourself!

  3. Well I know why I'M afraid of clowns! It's the dang Poltergeist movie! *shudder* I'm not so scared of them anymore, but still...*shudder*


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