Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time For Nesting...

A group of crafty chicks—we call ourselves the "Tiara Chronicles"—get together every couple months and make something creative. This weekend, Debbie Tlach taught us how to do this nifty nest pin (adapted from instructions by Deryn Mentock's Belle Armoire Jewelry article). We had lots of laughs, took way too long, and everyone's piece turned out great!

We used annealed wire and made the eggs out of translucent polymer clay, with Distress Embossing powder mixed in to create the speckled color. It was easier than we all thought it would be. Gotta love when that happens!

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  1. HI Michelle!
    Just found your blog through Lisa Vollrath's site. I love this little nest you created! I wouldn't have guessed that the eggs were poly clay. I thought they were just beads. Very cool!
    Take it easy and have a great week!


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