Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pick-A-Photo Tuesday: Teacup Ride

I used to love the teacup ride! Spinning around in a circle and making the teacup spin around too... dizzy, dizzy. It was fun! Lately I've been making my own decaffeinated tea. I was trying to stay away from too much sugar and using Diet Iced Tea Mix... but one doctor says no caffeine, the other says no artificial sweeteners! So I compromised. I'm using the caffeine free, very flavorful Celestial Seasonings teas and Agave Nectar for sweetening. It's not too bad.


  1. hi michelle,

    where was this photo of a teacup ride taken?



  2. Hi Jenni!

    It was taken at the Keansburg, NJ boardwalk amusement area. Lots of the rides there are older. Makes for a very retro photo shoot!



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